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Enjoy the sensation of being connected to the earth

Genieße das Gefühl, der direkten Verbindung.

The sitting profile in meditation differs significantly from all other types of sitting.

Whether you're sitting at your desk, in the car, reading a book, or watching the birds, you'll always move around a little, at least every now and then. Sitting meditation is probably the only way to sit motionless.

For this reason you need a different groundwork, providing an adaptable solidness to sit on.

Whether it's an office chair or a car seat, we usually sit on some type of foam most of the time. Foam is comfortable but also unstable, flexible and therefore invites to move. Spelled husks, on the other hand, offer a stable and at the same time adaptable basis for firm, comfortable and quiet sitting on the mediation cushion.

Perhaps you know the compact, firm feeling of sitting in the bucket seat of a sports car. A good sports seat should not only offer a firm and safe sitting posture, but above all also enable you to reach out with your senses and to feel the connection to the street. It is very similar with cycling, skiing and so on. Even if the sensory perceptions in these cases are mainly caused and made possible by the motion.

By mindful, motionless sitting on the meditation cushion, we develop a better feeling for our body in the spatial environment. The so-called proprioception, the perception of one's own body and its position in space.

Sitting on a SNUG meditation cushion, with the head, spine and pelvis line in a natural balance, ensures a firm seating experience with all-round support.

It allows your senses to reach out, to enjoy the sensation of being connected to the soil beneath – to the earth.

Meditation is mind-body synchronization - and beyond.

Get connected.

The reduction of external stimuli helps our brain to calm down

Die Reduzierung externer Reize beruhigt Geist & Körper

The right meditation posture also serves to some extent for sensory deprivation [stimulus reduction] in order to calm down physical processes.

We sit as motionless as possible on the meditation cushion and avoid all unnecessary movements such as scratching or fidgeting. The immobility of the body and the reduction of external stimuli helps our brain to calm down. Better sitting. Less distraction.

Ultimately, the purpose of the stable, calm meditation posture is to calm the body and mind – seclusion free of distraction. This in turn is supported by the concentration process of the focused mind.

A focused mind is free from distractions.

You can also call meditation also a body-mind-synchronization-training. It is a mind-altering embodied being process.