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rf2 SPORTS MEDITATION is a southern Germany based startup. Together with other meditators and external specialists, we develop innovative products for meditation with a contemporary, sporty approach.

Since 2019 we have also been offering meditation courses. The latest findings about meditation in science and neurology are fascinating and therefore the neurological-cognitive effects are a focus of our meditation courses.

Oh yes - linking meditation and sports performance is a highly sensible topic. But we should be aware that Buddhist monks in particular regard meditation as an activity that must be trained like a skill or a sport. Here are a few voices from well-known teachers:

Jon Kabat-Zinn: "The mindfulness muscle becomes stronger through use and can be trained ... However, it would be wrong to conceive meditation as a passive state. It even takes an extraordinary effort to keep the attention constant, to truly calm down and not respond to distractions."

B. Alan Walace: "As with any ability, such as playing the piano or practicing a sport, through hard training, repetition, and habituation, we can develop skills that are currently out of our reach."

John Yates aka Culadasa: "Regardless of your personal abilities, you must definitely set up a complete and continuous practice in order to progress ... Tasks / Skills: Establish a practice routine, set goals of practice, generate strong motivation, discipline, the will to work hard and conscientiousness.”

“rf2” stands for release, focus and flow – a quick guide to meditation.